French industry body ANIA has called proposed labels "simplistic"

French industry body ANIA has called proposed labels "simplistic"

French food industry trade body, ANIA, has signalled its opposition to the Government's plans to introduce a 'nutritional' colour code on packaging.

Based on the recommendations of a report from state medical research institute, INSERM and commissioned by the French government, Public Health Minister Marisol Touraine has included the colour logo scheme as one of the main elements in a forthcoming White Paper.

She argues that current labels can often be written too small and also use scientific vocabulary.

ANIA said it supported "an educational approach to improving nutritional information rather than a simplistic one based on discriminatory measures" - a direct reference to the colour code.

The code would comprise five colours ranging from green, representing food products beneficial to good health, to red which are not.

"This type of measure is based solely on several characteristics of a product and not the realities of consumption. It does not take into account the quantities consumed and degree of frequency nor the diversity of usage," ANIA added.