Chicago-based snack maker Jays Foods has said it is introducing a new type of crisp made from sweet potatoes.

Sweet Baby Jays, the brand's first new product in five years, will hit shelves this month under the Krunchers label of premium kettle-cooked potato chips in both "Unsalted" and "Mesquite" flavours.

"The launch of Sweet Baby Jays is an opportunity to demonstrate Jays' commitment to offering our customers premium-quality products with bold new flavours," said Tim Healy, chairman and CEO of Ubiquity Brands, parent company of Jays Foods.

Jays said Sweet Baby Jays are cooked in corn oil and contain zero trans fats. Because they are made from sweet potatoes, the product is also high in beta-carotene (provitamin A), and also contains vitamin C and potassium, the company said.