just-food last week brought live coverage from the GMA/FMI Sustainability Summit in Washington DC where presentations were given from members of the Environmental Defense Fund, the Rainforest Alliance, and  sustainability think-tank Forum for the Future. Elsewhere, Kraft Foods officially completed its split into two companies and its European division confirmed, late Friday, its acquisition of Danone's Vitasnella snack business. Here is a selection of the best quotes from last week's news.

"Sustainability is not a fad or a lifestyle choice, it's a moral imperative" - President and CEO of the GMA Pamela Bailey.

"Despite being passionate about sustainability I'm probably more passionate about profit" - Brian Kelley, chief product supply officer at Coca-Cola Refreshments, on sustainability priorities.

"The ultimate objective will be to identify the best way forward for Skippy's continued growth and profitability and for it to remain an iconic, consumer-loved brand" - a Unilever spokesperson on the potential sale of Skippy.

"Using Nectar data, we are very confident that the activity we are doing is profitable for Sainsbury's. We simply don't recognise the observation that the current level of couponing activity, as far as Sainsbury's is concerned, is unsustainable. Far from it. It's pivotal in our sales success" - Sainsbury's CEO Justin King remains committed to couponing.

"For Mondelez... growth in BRIC markets is a priority, especially given the opportunity for reaping revenue synergies from the Cadbury acquisition in countries like Brazil and India" - Bernstein research analyst Alexia Howard on the outlook for Mondelez International.

"I want to have the leanest overheads in our industry without sacrificing quality and to be the lowest cost producer in each category" - Kraft Foods Group CEO Tony Vernon.

"We think that this deal fits well into the recently announced spin-off and relevant launch of a global snacking company, Mondelez International" - a spokesperson for Kraft on its acquisition of the Vitasnella snack business from Danone.

"The taskforce will continue to work with the company to find a buyer for the site, and measures will be put in place to help staff looking for work after the announcement" - Scottish finance secretary John Swinney said the Hall's taskforce would continue in its efforts to preserve the Broxburn site.

"If the strike does go ahead, we do not expect it to cause disruption for our customers as we have a robust contingency plan in place" - a Tesco spokesperson on potential industrial action following the transfer of ownership of the distribution depot from Tesco to Eddie Stobart in August.

"Too often convenience shopping is about compromise as customers get second best on range, freshness and price. M locals show there is a better way to serve customers, with half the space dedicated to fresh food and scratch cooking all at very competitive prices. We are now ready to expand at pace" - Morrisons CEO Dalton Philips.