A selection of this weeks best quotes

A selection of this week's best quotes

This week, just-food attended the SIAL food and drink exhibition in Paris where the team caught up food manufacturers including Genius Foods, Dare Foods, The Irish Dairy Board, as well as the Irish Prime Minister. Outside of Paris, the UK government revealed plans to adopt a hybrid approach to front-of-pack (FOP) nutritional labelling.

"What you want to do is to buy a business that is on an up tick and one that is growing and has got something innovative" - Dare Foods' chairman Bill Farrell on the Canadian company's M&A plans.

"I believe if the step-changing products are there the opportunity in Europe is huge" - Genius Foods commercial director David Shaw believes the gluten-free market in Europe is still maturing and hopes the UK firm can lead the development of the sector in the region.

"It can be a difficult market to operate in. Legislation can change quickly, which can make your life difficult but it's a big market and a massive opportunity for Irish dairy" - the Irish Dairy Board's Fergal McGarry on operating in Russia.

"We see ourselves being able to produce enough food for 5m people to producing enough food to feed 15m people by 2020" - Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny emphasising the food industry's role in boosting the country's economy.

"Some people wonder how sustainable is China's growth, especially in the food sector" - Nestle China chief Roland Decorvet says Nestle continues to believe in the underlying demographic factors and consumption trends driving China's growth story. 

"Unlike businesses operating solely or primarily in a UK context, many of our members are operating in a European or global context" - The Food and Drink Federation clarifies its position following the Department of Health's decision to back a hybrid front-of-pack nutritional labelling system.

"I would always like to retain contracts but I want to retain contracts on a basis that is both sustainable for us and the retailer" - Premier Foods plc CEO Michael Clarke believes the end of its own-label bread deal with The Co-op would "not affect" its 2012 performance.

"This year total biscuits production in Ukraine will amount to 20,000 tonnes, [and] during the next four years this figure should reach 40,000 tonnes" - a Mondelez spokesperson on is plans to expand its biscuit production in Ukraine.

"After three years of stability in our sales, we are now looking to accelerate growth" - Campbell Soup Co. France's director of marketing Fabrice Renaudeau explains its decision to move into ready-made vegetable dishes.

"GrainCorp has a unique portfolio of integrated, strategic assets and is confident in its outlook and strategy to continue to deliver shareholder value," GrainCorp on news Archer Daniels Midland has tabled an offer for the company.