A selection of quotes from this weeks news

A selection of quotes from this week's news

A raft of quarterly results hit the just-food newsdesk this week, with the likes of Morrisons, Associatied British Foods and Marks and Spencer all revealing figures for the last three months. Morrisons spoke about its need to strengthen its marketing message and promotional mechanics, while ABF insisted its grocery business after profits fell in the last 12 months. just-food's latest exclusive interviews included chats with executives Spain's Campofrio and Swiss dairy group Emmi.

"Value is about price and quality and that is what we need to fight in" - Morrisons CEO Dalton Philips says it needs to "hook" customer back in by communicating the group's value message.

"Competition is already there but it's like that in all markets. You have to find the right approach and beat them on the proposition" - Matthias Kunz, head of Emmi's international business on its growth in emerging markets.

"The challenge for grocery is making sure where prices have gone up we are recovering those" - Associated British Foods finance director John Bason insists it had managed to secure price increases from retailers and pointed out the broader commodity pressure on the company was "patchy".

"When growth comes from emerging market investments and outsourcing... it can have a dilutive effect" - Barry Callebaut CFO Victor Balli says that, as the proportion of sales from two revenue streams of Unilever and Grupo Bimbo increases, there could be pressure on margins.

"In many ways, food is the business that the clothing side of M&S needs to imitate" - Conlumino analysts believe M&S has "upped its game" with the introduction of food counters in some stores.

"There is a huge difference between private label in the UK and in the south of Europe" - Campofrio's director of route-to-market development Luis Fernandes talks about the challenges of entering the UK market.

"For me, there was no need at all to get it away. We regret it. But it adds money" - PinguinLutosa COO Herwig Dejonghe on Lutosa being sold.

"We applaud the effort to bring organic dairy products to consumers and retailers in this developing market" - a spokesperson Aurora Organic Dairy on Moloko Holdings is starting production of Russia's first organic milk.

"The processors haven't been taken out of the equation and they are still going to do the job they always did" - a spokesperson for Tesco on its plans to establish direct supply contracts with UK pig and cattle farmers.

"We have an excellent foundation as a new and independent Kraft, and we're confident we have what it takes to fulfil our mission of becoming the best food and beverage company in North America" - Kraft Foods Group CEO Tony Vernon says is third quarter results demonstrate the power of its brands.