Bryant believes recent restructuring at Kellogg will benefit business

Bryant believes recent restructuring at Kellogg will benefit business

Sales growth at Hain Celestial fell slightly short of expectations, prompting the question of whether the natural and organic group is trying to run before it can walk. Elsewhere analysts picked up on Wal-Mart's failure to impress with its quarterly figures. Kellogg results also fell short and CEO John Bryant insisted the initial start-up costs of Project K will pay off in the long term. 

"Consumer demand for our products is very strong, but we could have executed better on our soup to meet this demand and maximise on our higher margin sales opportunities" Hain Celestial has executed a number of acquisitions and is growing rapidly, however CEO Irwin Simon reflects on one of the challenges Hain has faced in filling the demand for its New Covent Garden soups.

"So when people in the NFU say I'm going to sort out the price of milk... Oh, no I'm not" - The new Groceries Code Adjudicator Christine Tacon clarifies that her work relates to what the EU defines as unfair trading practices.

"Wal-Mart comp-store sales continue to lag well below US retail sales, and this trend appears to have worsened further in the fourth quarter" - William Blair analyst Mark Millar comments on Walmart's poor performance in the fourth quarter and its failure to capitalise on Target weaknesses.

"Our expectations are that, over time, Project K will begin to provide us the fuel we need to drive growth in our categories, and across our businesses, in the years to come" - Kellogg's CEO John Bryant acknowledges the firms results fell short of expectations but is hopeful Project K will fix that.

"Our sales on the growth markets outside the EU are growing at a fast pace, and we must prepare ourselves to meet the rapidly growing demand in years to come" Arla vice-CEO Povl Krogsgaard notes Arla has spotted an opportunity in emerging markets and has invested DKK750m to expand.

"You've got to look internationally to diversify your customers and also find sources of add growth" - Alexandre Poussard, corporate development director at Jacquet-Brossard, says the French bakery group, facing tough trading conditions at home, is seeking growth overseas.

"Consumers had not been provided with sufficient information to understand the basis of comparison and we therefore concluded that the claim was misleading" The ASA slaps an ad ban on Warburtons after claims it is over claims it is the "number one" baker.

"They are in the face of the customer and well placed to see and understand the customer's needs" - a spokesperson for Auchan says its announcement to shed 300 jobs from its France hypermarkets will see it shift its focus on increasing staff presence on the shop floor.

"Our expertise and know-how all along the supply chain will create a strong value proposition" - Johan Linden, president of Dole Food Co.'s European business, is confident about Dole's new tie-up with banana producer Matanuska in Mozambique.

"Our business model and flexible store formats have a proven ability to capture the growth potential in the Russian food retail market and Lenta is now pushing ahead with a programme of store roll-out across Russia" Lenta CEO Jan Dunning announces plans to list in London.