Kellogg to put health star nutrition labels on cereals

Kellogg to put health star nutrition labels on cereals

Kellogg has set out plans to use the health star rating labels jointly developed by the Australian government and industry on cereals on sale in the country.

The All-Bran owner said the stars would appear on all its cereals available in Australia and New Zealand from June.

All Bran, Sultana Bran, Guardian, Coco Pops and Special K Nourish cereals will be the first to carry the stars.

Kellogg said it was "committed" to adding the stars to the rest of the range by the end of the year. It said at present its range can carry from one and a half to five stars. Over 70% of its cereals "have a rating of between four and five health stars", Kellogg said.

Dr Michelle Celander, Kellogg’s senior nutrition and regulatory affairs manager, said the company has been working on the implementation of the stars since late last year.

"We are pleased to be adding health stars as another way to help shoppers make informed choices for themselves and their families, alongside other important nutritional information on our packs such as serve size and nutrients per serve," she said.

The voluntary labelling scheme was launched last year, with the Australia and New Zealand governments saying the programme would remain voluntary for five years. A review of the system will take place next year.

Plans for health stars had been first announced in 2013 but led to criticism from Australian industry body the Australian Food and Grocery Council, which had worked with ministers on the labels.

When the scheme was officially launched last summer, the AFGC said Canberra's work with industry had led to "significant improvements" to the original proposals and welcomed the "conservative" approach adopted by regulators.