Cheez-It among Kellogg brands to see new lines

Cheez-It among Kellogg brands to see new lines

Kellogg has announced a wave of new snacks products for the US market, adding products sold under brands including Cheez-It, Kashi and Nutri-Grain.

The US food group's raft of new products feature lines that try to meet trends like ethnic flavours and healthier snacks.

Cheez-It Zingz crackers aim to bring "ethnic flair" to consumers with two flavours - chipotle cheddar and queso fundido.

Kellogg has developed hummus crisps to be sold under its Kashi brand for consumers wanting what it called a "better-for-you" chip. Kellogg is also introducing Town House pita crackers to use with dips. 

New healthier snacks from Kellogg also include a chipotle lime flavour for Special K crisps.

There are new Special K snack bars and Kellogg is rolling out more Nutri-Grain granola bars. Kellogg has also launched a Nutri-Grain Strawberry Greek yoghurt cereal bar.

Meanwhile, Kellogg has developed two new Keebler cookie lines: a Simply Made product made with "simple recognisable ingredients" and Keebler El Duende, coconut and lemon sandwich cookies targeted at Hispanic consumers.

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BATTLE CREEK, Mich., June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

  • @TheRealCheez-It debuts Zingz crackers; bring real crunch and chipotle cheddar and queso fundido flavors
  • Kashi goes Mediterranean with 3 flavors of hummus chips that provide 4g of fiber and 3g of protein
  • @Keebler_Elves launch Simply Made cookies baked with fewer, simple ingredients; El Duende ("The Elf") cookies celebrate Hispanic influence
  • New wholesome snack bars debut from Nutri-Grain@SpecialK_US and Kashi

From on-trend ingredients to bold flavors, Kellogg Company snack brands are introducing an array of new cookies, crackers, chips and bars that are sure to delight consumers.

"Snacking is an important part of peoples' diets, and consumers are constantly seeking new options," said Brian Huff, president, Kellogg U.S. Snacks.  "We continue to respond with flavors, ingredients and entirely new foods to meet this demand for snacking alternatives."

Consumer research had uncovered an increasing desire for flavors that excite the senses with bold, ethnic flair.  NewCheez-It® Zingz crackers are made with corn masa for a bold crunch and debut in two flavors: chipotle cheddar and queso fundido.  Pringles® debuts its own spicy fun with new fiery sweet barbeque flavor.

Dips are more popular than ever, particularly when seeking to please hungry party guests. New Town House® pitacrackers offer real pita taste and are strong enough to dip without breaking, making them perfect with hummus, dips or other toppings.  They will be available in Mediterranean herb and sea salt flavors.

For consumers seeking a better-for-you chip, Kashi® is launching all-natural hummus crisps made with a blend of chickpeas, whole grains, spices, and herbs, providing 4g of fiber and  3g of protein.  They are available in three varieties: sea salt & olive oil, caramelized onion, and sundried tomato basil-feta.

Weight managers are also seeking to avoid snacking boredom while still staying on track.  For them, Special K®introduces a new chipotle lime flavor of its extremely popular cracker chips.  Each 27 chip serving has 110 calories.

Looking for a sweet treat? New Keebler® Simply Made cookies are baked with simple recognizable ingredients including wheat flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and vanilla, reflecting the desire of some consumers for simpler foods.  They will be available in two varieties: chocolate chip and butter.

Keebler is also debuting new cookies that reflect the importance of Hispanic consumers, the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S.  New Keebler El Duende  ("The Elf") cookies will be available in coconut and lemon sandwich varieties.

Wholesome snacks also continue to be popular and Kellogg brands are debuting several delicious new snack bars.Special K expands its offerings with the addition of cookies & creme pastry crisps and chocolate covered strawberry cereal bars.  Nutri-Grain® expands its granola offerings with crunchy granola bars in chocolate chip and toffee flavors.  Nutri-Grain is also adding new Strawberry Greek yogurt cereal bars.  Kashi's new berry/lemonade chewy granola bar provides protein, fiber, whole grains and features chia for ALA Omega 3s and sun-ripened cranberries and lemons.

Original source: Kellogg