Fried chicken chain KFC, a subsidiary of the Louisville, Kentucky-based restaurant operating giant Yum! Brands, announced yesterday [Tuesday] the debut of China's first drive-thru restaurant.

The drive-thru KFC outlet is located in the Asian Olympics Village district of Beijing. 

"KFC is capitalising on China's increasing mobility, fast-paced lifestyle, greater consumer spending power and desire for luxury items such as automobiles," explained J. Samuel Su, president of Yum! Brands International Greater China.

The automobile market continues to boom in Beijing. According to statistics, more than 12% of families own cars; private car buyers account for 90% of automobile purchases and there are approximately one million cars in the city.

KFC operates in about 150 Chinese cities, and is planning the opening of its 700th restaurant in China later this month. Su added: "KFC is expanding its leadership presence in China at an unprecedented pace. Our strong infrastructure and established processes and resources enable us to aggressively grow the brand."