Japanese sauce specialist Kikkoman Corp. is reportedly looking to expand its health food business in the US.
To this end, the company has taken full control of Country Life, a joint venture it formed last year with US health foods group Consac Industries. According to Asia Pulse, Kikkoman has announced that it has acquired Consac's share in the operation for an undisclosed sum.
With full control of the operation, Kikkoman intends to introduce its product range to major natural food supermarkets and raise its brand image.
Kikkoman also said it plans to commission nutritional supplement researchers to develop new products which can be marketed both in the US and Japan. It also plans to develop a supply structure for the raw materials Country Life requires for the supplements it markets.
The Japanese company said it aims to develop sales of high-value-added products such as organic soy sauce, and grow its health foods activities into a second business arm to run alongside its soy sauce operation.