Jivan Foods has established distribution of its soya protein-based line of Kiss the Cook™ gourmet meals in a jar into the fast growing natural foods market in Canada by teaming up with the direct-to-natural food store delivery capabilities of Puresource of Guelph, Ontario.

Consumer awareness of the link between good food choices and long-term health maintenance has increased dramatically in the past five years. The demand for natural and healthier foods has expanded rapidly from a niche segment that was met primarily through specialised community health and natural foods stores to a much broader mainstream market. As a result many of the large food retail chains have developed natural food sets as a store within the store. Others are stocking natural foods and planning for store renovations or layout changes in the near future in order to better meet this growing demand.

Interestingly, amongst health conscious consumers, there is also a subtle shift from using simple supplements and vitamin pills towards purchasing and consuming foods made with natural ingredients, some with health enhancing properties. These significant trends in food are driven by the public at large who are gathering more knowledge and taking charge of their own well being.

Jivan explained that Kiss the Cook™ meals are developed to offer convenience to busy people who want a healthy yet indulgent meal. The meals use innovations in soya protein and only certified non-GMO soya. They need only be heated and served with cooked noodles, rice, grains or pasta.

The range goes from exotic and flavourful Thai curries (Keow Waan Green Thai, Gaeng-Ped Red Thai, Penang Thai) to zesty, robust Italian pasta sauces (Puttanesca with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Porcini Mushroom & Wine).