Glenview, IL-based Kraft Foods Service (KFS) has made an investment in the electronic supply chain network of EFS Network.

KFS joins the 17 other foodservice companies with existing investments in EFS Network including Sysco Corporation, Cargill Corporation, Tyson Foods and eMac Digital l.l.c., a partnership between McDonald's and Accel/KKR.

EFS Network enables members to connect their business systems and automate product ordering between trading partners. By utilizing the network, companies eliminate costs from the foodservice supply chain and enhance trade relationships.

"We're delighted to have Kraft as an investor in EFS," said Hank Lambert, CEO of EFS Network, Inc. "It's clear EFS Network is gaining momentum in the industry and building the critical network mass necessary to generate positive returns for our shareholders and customers."

Anthony L. Berger, GM and VP, sales for KFS, commented: "Kraft Food Service is committed to future growth and success in the foodservice industry. We believe that supporting innovative initiatives such as EFS helps streamline the supply chain and can lead to greater efficiencies and successes that benefit the entire industry."