Kraft Foods has announced that it is bring the UK into line with other markets by renaming its Dime chocolate bar as Daim.

The re-launch of the crunchy almond caramel bars, coated in smooth milk chocolate, will be accompanied by a vibrant new pack design and two exciting range extensions: Daim Mini's and Nuggets, the company said.

Dime was introduced to the UK in the eighties and quickly became established through the Harry Enfield "armadillo" campaign. However the product range has always been known as Daim throughout Europe. The brand will now universally known be as Daim, with Kraft Foods phasing-out the Dime name in the UK.

The two extensions to the portfolio will be available from September. Daim Mini's are individually wrapped, bite-sized Daim pieces in a convenient easy opening 140g bag. Daim Nuggets, which are packed in a 100g hanging bag, are crunchy nuggets of almond caramel, smothered in delicious milk chocolate.

"Dime bar has enjoyed a loyal following since its launch more than twenty years ago. Daim Mini's and Daim Nuggets will excite existing customers and entice new ones," said Sarah Petts, channel and communications manager for Kraft Foods

"Independent retailers should make the most of impulse confectionery purchasing by grouping the two new Daim formats together within their hanging bag fixture to create on shelf awareness and encourage customers to try them," she said.