US food giant Kraft Foods is spending GBP4.5m (US$9m) on a media campaign to push its most popular biscuit brand Oreo in the UK. 

A four-week TV ad campaign which started this month will be followed by two weeks of outdoor advertising on UK high streets and buses, as well as advertisements in consumer magazines.

"Oreo biscuits are an international success story," said Dave McNulty, convenience sales director at Kraft Foods. "Since they were launched in the US, back in 1912, they have grown to annual worldwide sales of over $1billion. They're already a consumer favourite globally and increasing awareness of Oreo in the UK should really drive sales for convenience retailers." 

The TV ad features a young boy explaining to his dog how he eats his favourite biscuit. All communication is founded on the 'Twist, Lick and Dunk' eating experience with which the product is synonymous.