Kraft Foods has decided to take its line of LiveActive snacking and cottage cheeses into the US.

The LiveActive range, which was launched in Canada in March, includes cheeses containing probiotic cultures and prebiotic fibers and have been produced to improve digestive health.

Alongside this launch, Kraft has set up a health initiative dubbed "Live Active" in a bid to educate consumers about gut health. The programme includes a website - - where consumers can find out more about digestion.

"Many people may not realise it, but being good to the gut isn't just important for digestive health, it's also important for overall health and wellness," said Leslie Bonci of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Kraft partnered with Bonci to develop the LiveActive plan.

US food companies are increasingly looking to develop products that claim to help digestion. Last month, probiotic drink Yakult announced its first concerted push into the US with a launch in California.

In August, General Mills launched Yo-Plus, a probiotic yogurt it believes will meet growing demand among US women for a way to better regulate digestion.