Workers at ailing UK retailer Kwik Save have been asked to work unpaid for another week to stave off the threat of administration.

The news came as Kwik Save asked for another seven days to put together a refinancing package to save the business.

Union representatives said workers who have already not been paid for a week will be asked to forego wages for another seven days. If the workers at the 145 stores refuse, Kwik Save will put into administration tomorrow (29 June).

"Usdaw had hoped that our members would finally have an end to weeks of uncertainty today and the decision to ask them whether they would work unpaid for another week puts them in a very difficult situation," says Usdaw national officer Joanne McGuinness.

"If they agree then they face another week of mounting debts but if they don't then the company goes under and they then have to wait to get money from the Department of Trade and Industry."

Kwik Save, which has closed 81 stores, is hoping it can secure funding to breathe life into the business.