A Paris court has ordered a subsidiary of Lactalis to pay damages for wrongfully marketing its products as feta.

La Société des Caves de Roquefort (SCR) is the leading producer of "French feta", which it markets under the Salakis brand.

In October 2002, the European Commission assigned feta Protected Designation of Origin status - meaning it can only be produced by Greek manufacturers.

Other producers, who marketed their products as feta before 1987, were given five years to modify their designation.

Feta importer LR Gastronomie argued that in 2005 - when it distributed Grec Hellas' Feta Dionis brand in France - SCR was not included in this provision.

The court upheld Gastronomie's complaint, concluding that SCR had given the feta name to two Salakis brand products marketed after 1987.

The court ordered SCR to pay EUR100,000 (US$125,634) in damages.