Latin star Carlos Ponce has become the latest singer to join the "Ode to Mom" radio campaign sponsored by US dairy farmers and milk processors and developed by Dairy Management to "to win moms' hearts" and thus boost milk sales.

Steve Fauntleroy, VP, milk marketing at Dairy Management, explained: "The radio spots are a fun way to tell moms they have an impact on their children's eating habits long after they've left the house.

"Recent research shows that moms are the number one influence on kids' milk drinking behavior."

Ponce, who featured as one of the most beautiful Latinos in the June/July issue of People En Espanol, sings a song entitled "Lovin' Leche for Huesos Fuertes (Strong Bones)", the lyrics of which offer thanks to his mother for giving him milk as a child. 

The song, which will air in English and Spanish throughout 2002, contains the lines:

"Milk's nine vitamins & minerals
were part of your plan
to help your boy
become a man ...
Oh, thanks again Mom
For all the milk you poured
Though I'm all grown up
I'm still the boy you adore ... "

The campaign, which was launched in February, has also hired the services of diva Aretha Franklin, country star Wynonna Judd and R&B legend Aaron Neville. More stars will be added to the radio campaign throughout 2002.