The Singapore Broadcasting Authority has found itself defending a new lollipop imported from the US after some parents complained that the product and its advertising campaign were too "lewd".

Complaints were received that the Fr-ooze Pop product is too suggestive. Basically phallic-shaped, the base of the lollipop can be squeezed to make jelly ooze out of a hole at the top. It is being aggressively marketed through television commercials that use a "squeeze and lick" tagline.

Curriculum designer and mother May Chan told the Straits Times: "Children being children, it's just a sweet to them. But if people see you eating a sweet like that, it's disgusting. Even if the child is ignorant, it's not very healthy."

A SBA spokesman insisted however: "The advertisement features children enjoying lollipops and it does not breach the Advertising Code."

Available in four flavours, Lickety Split, Summer Squeezer, Strawberry Smacker and Berries Delight, the lollipop hit the shelves last month. Distributor YLF Marketing said that its sales are "extremely good".