Lipogen has said that it is increasing production capacity for its Lipogen PS (phosphatidylserine), a patented supplement for the food fortification industry, by 100% to meet growing demand in the US brain health market.

"Following the FDA GRAS affirmation in 2006, we expect to increase our sales growth in the market in about 50% during 2007," explained David Rutenberg, CEO at Lipogen.

"Lipogen intends to penetrate the US functional foods market and achieve a significant market share. We decided to adjust our pricing structure to match the conventional rates of the functional food market. Lipogen's new prices will be implemented also in the dietary supplements market, so that both segments will benefit from this strategic move."

Clinical tests of the all-natural Lipogen PS have shown that consumption brings significant memory and mental improvements, the company said.

"This is the first step in implementing our strategy to maintain our leading position in the market for high-value natural PS. The US market is looking for innovative functional food solutions and is ready to use this exciting brain health ingredient in several food categories," Rutenberg added.