Makro Belgiums restructure sees 370 staff lose their jobs

Makro Belgium's restructure sees 370 staff lose their jobs

Makro Cash & Carry Belgium has announced a restructuring plan which sees it make 370 staff redundant.

According to a statement issued by the company, the change in "buying behaviour of consumers" in recent years thanks to "the emergence of online commerce," and the recent economic crisis having "an impact on the numbers of Makro Cash & Carry Belgium", has forced the company to reassess its structure.

The announcement means a loss of about a tenth of the Makro Cash & Carry Belgium's workforce.

The company has stated it is "obliged" to respond to the changing market conditions by reorganising the company.

"This plan should enable Makro to simplify its procedures and to be more customer-oriented, which will help it to fight better in a competitive market," said the statement.

Areas which will be affected include payroll admin, call centre and accounting.

The statement added that the changes would result in "better logistical flow and a better quality of service."

Jean -Luc Tüzes , managing director of Makro Cash & Carry Belgium added that he hoped these changes would ensure a sustainable and customer oriented business. He added that management would "engage in a constructive dialogue with the social partners" to ensure compulsory redundancies are kept to a minimum.