Mars said new snacks "at centre of huge trend" in US

Mars said new snacks "at centre of huge trend" in US

Mars Inc has launched a line of pre-portioned snacks in the US in a bid to tap into demand for healthier products.

The company said its Goodnessknows snacks are divided into "four snackable squares per serving". One square contains around 40 calories.

Mars emphasised the snacks are made with "whole nuts, real fruits, toasted oats and dark chocolate". and added each serving contains 100 milligrams of cocoa flavanols.

"Healthier ways to snack are important right now – and people want it all when it comes to taste, convenience and nutrition," Kerry Cavanaugh, senior brand director for the Goodnessknows brand, said.

"This puts Goodnessknows squarely at the centre of a huge trend and, in addition to all of the real ingredients in Goodnessknows, the individual snackable squares, dark chocolate and cocoa flavanols truly sets us apart from other snack bars out there right now."

Mars said the snacks will be available nationwide in August in three flavors: cranberry almond dark chocolate; apple almond and peanut dark chocolate; and peach and cherry almond dark chocolate.

Depending on retailer, the snacks are US$1.59 -1.99 per serving and $4.99-6.99 per five-serving multi-pack carton.