McCain introduces sweet potato fries to UK retail range

McCain introduces sweet potato fries to UK retail range

McCain Foods has launched two more products in the UK it says are aimed at the country's single and two person households.

Citing data from the UK's Office for National Statistics, the frozen food group said its microwaveable baby baked potatoes and its sweet potato fries are looking to target a demographic that account for almost 60% of UK consumers.

"Consumer insight tells us that one and two person households take inspiration from out-of-home dining when cooking at home," said McCain's marketing director Mark Hodge. "This NPD aims to inspire frozen potato purchase in this group by offering a variety of products that reference the latest food trends and feature interesting flavours, seasonings and cut types."

The baked potatoes are seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and take only three minutes to microwave, McCain said. They have an RSP of GBP2.50 (US$3.85).

The sweet potato fries have an RSP of GBP2.50 for a 500g bag and have been launched following "significant" consumer demand, McCain said. "Sweet potato has seen a rapid growth in popularity with consumers and it's a big favourite in the casual dining sector," Hodge added.