US fastfood giant McDonald's has lost its legal battle against a Singapore-based company that has been selling its products under names such as "MacNoodles", "MacTea" and "MacChocolate".

McDonald's had been trying to stop Future Enterprises from distributing the products, claiming the Singapore-based company had copied McDonald's trademarks, reported Reuters. The High Court had already dismissed the case in April but the US fastfood giant had appealed against the decision.

"McDonald's has spent millions to create goodwill and instant public recognition for its 'Mc' series of marks," said Davinder Singh, a Singapore lawyer representing McDonald's.

Future Enterprises argued in court that its "Mac" products, which carry an eagle logo on the packaging and are distributed to supermarkets and convenience stores, do not resemble McDonald's fastfood products.

"There can be no likelihood of confusion or deception. The marks are different in appearance, sound and concept," the company's lawyer, Tan Tee Jim, was quoted by Reuters as saying.