Hipp said UK consumers want more convenience and variety for their children

Hipp said UK consumers want more convenience and variety for their children

German baby food maker Hipp has launched its first meals for children aged 18 months to three years in the UK as part of a wave of NPD in the country.

Hipp has developed two "mini meal" trays - chilli con carne and macaroni in a cheese sauce - as the company looks to build on its position in a growing category.

Citing IRI data for the year to 14 June, Hipp said it had a 41.9% share of the tray meal category in the UK, which it said was growing at 7.7% a year.

Hipp is rolling out 22 SKUs, which also include 12 new pouches and four new jars. The products are being rolled out this month.

"Insights show that consumer demand is at an all-time high for convenience, quality and variety," Hipp group project manager Andy Lewis said.

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HiPP Organic will launch 22 new SKUs this summer 

Entire range perfectly suited to mums and their babies who continue to look for convenience, quality and variety

HiPP Organic continues to dominate the jar sector with 43.2% market share 

Total baby food category is currently worth £229.6million

HiPP Organic, the original baby food company, is extending its offering with 22 new SKU’s to drive excitement in the category by tapping into new consumption occasions and flavour innovations generating incremental sales opportunities for retailers. 

Five of HiPP’s already successful product ranges are to be expanded this year with the launch of 12 new pouches, four new jars, two new flavour fruit pots, two new tray meals and two fruit juice drinks, set to hit the shelves of all major supermarkets in August. 

HiPP Organic Mini Meals

The tray meal sector is currently growing by 7.7% year-on-year (YOY) driven by HiPP Organic which has held its 41.9% share of the sector. 

New to the HiPP Organic line up is the launch of two 230g ‘mini meal’ trays - the first time that HiPP Organic has catered for older children aged from 18 months to three years. The new trays are designed to allow baby to experience food from around the world with two exciting new recipes – Mexican Style Mild Chilli Con Carne and Swiss Style Macaroni Pasta in a Cheese Sauce with Carrots & Courgettes. In a survey conducted by HiPP 

Organic amongst 3,500 new parents, it was revealed that 23% worry that they do not provide their baby with enough variety. HiPP Organic continues to tap in to this insight with these new launches. 

Andy Lewis, Group Project Manager comments: “We are confident the launch of our new mini meals will help continue to grow the tray sector. Insights show that consumer demand is at an all-time high for convenience, quality and variety – we strongly believe that all of our new launches appeal to those parents.”

HiPP Organic Pouches 

Pouches are another convenient format in growth and HiPP Organic expects this trend to continue. Sales of pouches are up by 9.7% YOY and HiPP Organic has continued to grow its share YOY. 

New to the line-up are two pouches made with 100% fruits with Muesli & Yogurt, perfect for a quick and easy breakfast or when needed on-the-go. The handy pouches are suitable for babies from 6 months+ and are milk-free, contain no added sugar and count towards a baby’s five-a-day.

The addition of muesli also brings an added benefit of a very subtle grainy texture – a stepping stone towards getting baby used to new sensations and textures. 

“Following the successful launch of our first fruit and baby rice pouches last year, we saw an opportunity to also grow the breakfast occasion for stage 2 babies” explains Lewis. 

HiPP is also introducing a further ten new pouches later this year, building on the success of the current varieties which include: 3 x 70g Fruit & Baby Rice, 3 x Smooth & Mild 100g fruit pouches and 4 x 130g Savoury Pouches.


Jars continue to be the largest sector of the wet foods category, accounting for 39% of all sales. HiPP Organic delivers even more nutrition to babies with the launch of two new fruit jars ‘with Acerola’. Unique to the baby food market, Acerola is a fruit noted for high levels of vitamin C, important for aiding the body’s immune system. 

“As brand leaders in the jar sector, we need to continue to drive sales with exciting new products and innovations” adds Andy Lewis.

The latest range of NPD provides a complementary addition to the current ranges and also consists of two new fruit pudding recipes, two new ‘fruit squirt’ juice drinks with the added convenience of a handy sports cap, two fish jars for those looking try more varied tastes and two new fruit puddings.

Original source: Hipp