A fire has caused almost US$1m worth of damage at a production site owned by Chinese food group Millennium Quest.

Millennium Quest said yesterday (31 May) that a short circuit at the plant in Miyun County, Beijing caused the fire, which is set to cost the firm some US$850,000.

The fire occurred at the Beijing Green Foodstuff Co. plant, one of Millennium Quest's four subsidiaries in China.

CEO Si Chen said no lives were put in danger by the fire. Surprisingly, he added that the company would now look to insure all its factories in the wake of the blaze.

He said: "We now plan to have all the factories insured as soon as possible. Although the fire has reduced our production capacity from the Beijing facility, production there has not been totally suspended and we have been able to re-assign production to our other facilities such that the reduction in production is insignificant."

Millennium produces a range of frozen, processed, canned and convenience foods.