Biotech giant Monsanto and DuPont-owned nutritional ingredients specialist Solae have announced the formation of a joint venture to develop and market Omega-3 products.

The collaboration will combine the research that both companies have been conducting into soybeans containing high levels of Omega-3s, as well as Solae's work on stabilising oil for food applications. The new products will be marketed through Solae.

"There is a need to develop new solutions for delivering Omega-3 fatty acids in a wider variety of consumer products," said Solae's president and CEO Tony Arnold. "Our goal is to accelerate the creation of a convenient, affordable and sustainable source of Omega-3 ingredients."

Monsanto executive vice president Jerry Steiner said: "Soybeans represent a renewable, land-based source of Omega-3s. We believe this collaboration will allow us to bring to market a variety of sustainable Omega- 3 ingredients that will nutritionally enhance foods that consumers already enjoy. We're excited about the possibilities."