Kraft has faced fury over Somerdale decision

Kraft has faced fury over Somerdale decision

UK politicians are set to grill senior officials from Kraft Foods next month following its decision to push ahead with Cadbury's plans to close a production site in south-west England.

Kraft has received an invite from MPs after it announced plans to close Cadbury's Somerdale factory in Keynsham.

The US food giant had previously said it hoped to keep the facility open before buying the Dairy Milk maker.

However, it is understood MPs now want to know why Kraft went back on its pledge and is seeking clarification on its position, according to the BBC.

A spokesperson for Kraft told just-food: “I understand Kraft have received an invitation to have a meeting with [MPs],” but declined to comment on what the content of the meeting would be.

Unite, the union representing Cadbury workers, has welcomed the news that an “influential committee” of MPs is to “demand” both companies explain their part in “the most unpopular corporate takeover in recent times”.

Unite says it is now a matter of “national importance” that both Kraft and Cadbury are “held to account” by the select committee on Business and Industry next month.

Jack Dromey, Unite deputy general secretary, said: “In the past week Kraft has shocked Britain by blithely backtracking on promises made on Cadbury jobs, and two more Cadbury directors cash in handsomely on the sale. Our lawmakers must hold those responsible to account."

Dromey added: "The committee’s intervention must now bring us one step closer to securing cast iron guarantees for the future and a ‘Cadbury Law’ because never again should one of this country’s manufacturing jewels succumb to a hostile takeover.”