Squidy Speak will launch on 28 January

Squidy Speak will launch on 28 January

Nestle has launched the first extension to its Rowntree's Randoms confectionery range in the UK.

Rowntree's Randoms Squidgy Speak are fruit flavoured foamy sweets, each featuring a different word. The product will be available from 28 January in two formats: an impulse bag for GBP0.48 (US$0.76) and a sharing bag for GP1.29.

Aimed at 16-24 year olds, Squidgy Speak will be launched with a major media campaign including TV advertising.

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Nestlé Confectionery is to launch a fun new extension of its popular ROWNTREE'S RANDOMS brand with ROWNTREE'S RANDOMS Squidgy Speak.

Available from 28th January, ROWNTREE'S RANDOMS Squidgy Speak will be available in both impulse bag (RRP 48p) and sharing bag (RRP £1.29) formats.

Following in ROWNTREE'S RANDOMS quirky footsteps each bag is full of fruit flavoured foamy sweets each featuring a different word. With 40 random words to choose from every bag can tell a different story, thus offering consumers the fun factor with their sweets!

Aimed at 16-24yr olds, Squidgy Speak will be launched with a major media campaign including TV advertising, which sees the latest ROWNTREE'S RANDOMS ad feature a 10 second Squidgy Speak tag, 6 sheet posters, digital media and experiential sampling as well as a range of POS materials. Digital media will form an important communication route to the brand's social media savvy target audience, indeed ROWNTREE'S RANDOMS has Nestlé UK's biggest Facebook page with 944,000 fans. While 6 sheet posters are known to be particularly effective for the brand, as research shows sales increase 60% in stores with posters located in close proximity compared to the category average of 25%1.

Part of the ROWNTREE'S brand, which is worth a huge £106 million2, ROWNTREE'S RANDOMS has proven a smash hit with consumers since it launched in May 2009 and has successfully grown the fruit sugar category. Now a £20 million3 brand in its own right, it is in fact the biggest ever fruit sugar confectionery launch and has contributed a fantastic £50 million to the category. What's more, it has also successfully attracted new shoppers with 25% of RANDOMS consumers only buying into the category with the RANDOMS brand4. It also has the highest frequency of purchase of the top 10 fruit sugar singles packs5.

Nestlé UK Trade Communications Manager Graham Walker says:
"The ROWNTREE'S RANDOMS brand, with its quirky personality, has proven such a success with consumers that we recognised the opportunity to extend it with another fun new product. Supported by a major media campaign, Squidgy Speak is certain to capture shoppers' attention. Retailers looking to maximise sales should therefore be sure to stock up and locate next to ROWNTREE'S RANDOMS on the fixture to ensure strong visibility, making it easy for shoppers to find them."



Original source: Nestle Confectionery