Martek Biosciences has announced that Spanish functional food company Priegola has launched Simbi + Omega-3 yoghurt with Martek DHA.

Now available in major Spanish supermarket chains, the yoghurt is available in natural and strawberry flavours and is being marketed to children and adults. Made from algae under tightly controlled manufacturing conditions, Martek DHA is an all-natural vegetarian source of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), the key omega-3 fatty acid for brain development and function.

"Priegola launched Simbi + Omega-3 with DHA to offer increasingly health- conscious consumers a great-tasting and convenient way to get more of this important brain nutrient in their diets. We selected Martek DHA because it provides us with a concentrated form of DHA from a vegetarian source that does not adversely affect the flavour of our yoghurt," said Hans Peter Sieber, managing director of Priegola.