Here are some of the new food product introductions registered by Mintel's Global New Products Database this past month around the world.

Dual flavoured crackers

In the US, Kraft Foods added a new concept to its Cheese Nips brand of savoury crackers with the launch of the Doubles sub-brand. Each cracker has one side with a salsa flavour, while the flip side features a cheddar flavour. The colouring on each side is also different.

Ritz stick crackers

The Ritz crackers brand from Christie Brown (Nabisco) is getting a format revamp in Canada. New there are Ritz Sticks savoury crackers in a new stick shape, as opposed to the original cylindrical-shape. They are said to have the same traditional taste, but with the added bonus of a fun, snackable shape. They are also claimed to be great for dipping.

Snack & Dip

In the Czech Republic, Unilever Bestfoods has introduced a dip and snack chips product, co-branded under the Chio and Hellmann's names. It is presented in a plastic tub with two vastly different sized compartments for the contents, which are ridged potato crisps (larger compartment) and Hellmann's cocktail dip. The top is covered with a heavy foil lid. The tub has a sloping base for easy positioning on the table.

Picnic condiments

In Italy, Rebecchi F.lli Valtrebbia has introduced a picnic pack of condiments, under the name Picnic I Monodose, comprising single doses of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and salt. The three liquid products are housed in 10ml vacuum formings designed to look like full-size "carafes", with a tear-off top, while the salt is in a standard sachet. The components are presented in card holder packaging.

Health & Comfort?

An Australian nutritional supplements company, Aussie Bodies, has introduced Protein Whip, a nutritionally-balanced ice cream treat that has won it the Premier's Food Victoria Award for Innovation. Claimed to be a first in Australia, the product is described as "the ultimate integration of health-enhancing and comfort food." It contains three times more protein but half the fat of regular ice cream, with "no compromise in taste or texture."

Consumers will decide for themselves whether that claim is true, and consequently whether this product is a success or not, but its high protein, low fat, low glycemic index proposition should go down well with certain consumer groups. The product's key ingredient is whey protein concentrate, a highly nutritious protein source that is said to be ideal for lacto-vegetarians, teenagers and the elderly. Protein Whip comes in three popular flavours and is packaged in a 200ml tub.

Think global, act local

PepsiCo's snacks division is once again demonstrating its ability to add a local twist to its popular brands. We recently reported on the "Turkish-style" Doritos snack chips in Turkey, flavoured with poppy seeds and sun-dried tomato, and have now spotted another new line in Asia. In Thailand, the company has extended its Lay's snack range with a new variety, Crispy Rice Seaweed, which is made from 69% rice with vegetable oil and seasonings. It is sold in a 90g bag.

The company is also rolling out its new Go Snacks packaging in Europe - 45-50g plastic pots with resealable lids. Smiths branded Mini Mama Mia's! have now appeared in this packaging in Belgium.

Convenient iced coffee cups

The market for iced coffee is well developed in Asia, and we have seen a number of innovations. The latest offers convenience with a simple packaging novelty. The instant coffee mix is placed beneath a pull out strip, within a plastic tub. Once the strip is pulled, the cup needs to be filled with water and served with ice. The product is marketed under the Maxwell House brand, and has been introduced in South Korea by Dongsuh Food.

Tropical flavours

Summery, fruity flavours are the catch of the day right now with manufacturers in the US. Recently, Utah-based Kencraft launched a margarita-flavoured candy, and Murray Biscuit (a division of Keebler) introduced Murray Tropicales Cookies targeted at the Hispanic market in lime, orange, lemon, strawberry, and grape flavours.