Nissin expands in North Africa

Nissin expands in North Africa

Japanese noodle group Nissin Food Holdings is introducing instant noodle products to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria through the establishment of a local subsidiary, Nissin Maghreb Sarlau.

Nissin aims to accelerate growth in North Africa and the Middle East where the company said that rising incomes and lifestyle trends are driving growing demand for instant noodle products.

"The need for a simple meal is growing," Nissin observed.

The Japanese noodle group predicted more than 300m noodle meals will be consumed in these countries in the coming years. Nissin said that it will "strive to create new food culture in the Maghreb countries".

Nissin stressed there is burgeoning demand for noodle products but said no companies manufacture instant noodles in the region. As a result, the company believes its early entry will allow it to establish "dominance" in these markets.

Nissin, which entered Turkey last year, said it will continue to invest in expanding its operations in the region.

The group said that it has developed products "tailored" to the "food culture" and local tastes of these markets. Products will be launched under the new Pâtilliko brand. The company is commencing sales in the region by importing halal compliant products from its Singapore subsidiary.