Nortura integrating red, white meat ops

Nortura integrating red, white meat ops

Norwegian meat group Nortura plans to integrate its red and white meat production to build the "foundation for more efficient operations" through knowledge sharing and economies of scale. 

The company said structural changes reflected a desire to create a "unified and efficient production culture". 

Nortura said the current head of its poultry business, Egil Olsvik, will no longer be part of the group's corporate management but will remain with the company. EVP Lisbeth Svendsen will assume responsibility for white meat plant operations and EVP Robert Bekkhus will take over white meat logistics and warehousing. 

Olsvik has overseen a restructuring of poultry operations and the company said it is now focused on plant optimisation. 

Nortura is working to improve profitability at its chicken business. In December, Nortura revealed it had surplus poultry capacity in excess of 30% and would be reducing the number of chicken suppliers it works with.