In recognition of growing scientific and consumer interest in the role of soya isoflavones in health and well-being, ADM Natural Health and Nutrition is supporting its Novasoy® soya isoflavone concentrate with a through-the-line marketing campaign in Europe. 

The integrated programme employs a number of methods to target both trade and consumer audiences. Trade advertisements communicate key product and manufacturing benefits via targeted European print media.

ADM#;s presence at a number of trade events provides an effective vehicle to support the Novasoy product messages with recent scientific research in this area. Plans are also in place for attendance at key trade exhibitions throughout Europe in 2002. The consumer focus is on the education and awareness of influential health journalists which is addressed through the organisation of dedicated conferences and events.

The Novasoy brand is already well established in the US, where it is incorporated into more than 50 nutritional supplements, marketed to promote a range of health benefits from maintaining cardiovascular and bone health to well-being during mid-life changes. 

With rapidly increasing consumer awareness of the health benefits of a soya-based diet in Europe, Novasoy® isoflavones is now also used in a number of products. Examples include Alsiroyal® Klima-Aktiv-Kapseln, Salus Novasoy®, Novodietàs equilibre, I.R. MED#;s SOYMEN® and Lichtwer Pharma#;s Aria, all of which are nutritional supplements aimed at maintaining well-being during mid-life changes.