Mornflake has created Superfast as part of the convenient breakfast solutions range

Mornflake has created Superfast as part of the convenient breakfast solutions range

UK cereal group Mornflake has launched two more products into the country's convenience breakfast category and said innovation is crucial as competition heats up.

Mornflake's latest launch, Superfast, is a breakfast pot containing a blend of milk powders allowing consumers to have a ready-breakfast by adding water. The product is available in four variations including fruit and fibre, granola, oat bran flake and muesli.

Marketing coordinator Catherine Sadler said product innovation is key in a market that is getting quickly crowded.

"Figures show 26% of the country still skips breakfast so there is a real market for convenient breakfast solutions," Sadler said.

However, speaking to just-food at the Food and Drink Expo in Birmingham, Sadler said Mornflake needed to use NPD to fight growing competition.

"There are a few people out there doing convenience breakfast such as [PepsiCo's] Quaker with its porridge pots - it's becoming a huge sector. Though it is relatively new, it's already worth somewhere in the region of GBP27m (US$45m) - that's quick growth for a new sector.

"We stand out by creating new products that we think the consumer wants and needs. We have a top-pot porridge which has a Lyle's golden syrup sachet at the top allowing the consumer to adjust the flavour according to their own taste."

Sadler added: "It is a tough market but that's why you have to be innovative in creating new products and flavours."

Meanwhile, Mornflake has ambitions beyond breakfast for its Bircher muesli brand OSO, which it acquired in September.

Mornflake has relaunched the product in a bid to boost the "functional dairy" category. The OSO product contains apple juice-soaked oats, which are mixed with yoghurt and fruit. The product is available in raspberry, rhubarb, mixed fruit and strawberry. 

Paul Hayes, founder of OSO, told just-food the idea behind the brand is to get people eating more healthily throughout their day.

"It's true people want breakfasts that are healthier and better for them. Our product wouldn't be associated with breakfast as it's usually found in the yoghurt aisle - we don't call ourselves a breakfast. The primary reason is that isn't about healthy eating in the morning and on-the-go - it's about changing people's habits in the day," he said.

"If people want a snack and are hungry, they might grab crisps or a chocolate. We're saying there's more out there now, better alternatives. People will naturally pick us up for breakfast because we are a muesli but you won't find the word breakfast on our packaging. We call it a natural fuel because it's about that sustained and slow release energy throughout the day."

The Superfast pots are available at Waitrose for GBP1.29. OSO retails at GBP1.39