Schouten USA, a leading manufacturer and supplier of nutraceutical ingredients for the food and dietary supplement industry, has announced that it is now offering certified organic SoyLife", a natural soy germ ingredient.

SoyLife" is soy germ that has been mechanically—not chemically—extracted from soybeans to produce a rich and natural source of nature's finest nutrients such as soy isoflavones, vitamin E, folate and omega-3 fatty acids. SoyLife" is used in over 300 foods and supplement products worldwide, including products from French Meadow's Women's Bread' to Nature's Path SoyPlus Waffles', TwinLab's Soy Sensation' bars to Solgar's IsoSoy" powdered beverage.

Unlike many areas of the food industry, the organic foods segment is predicted to enjoy double-digit growth percentages up to 18-22% over the next five years through 2005 (Source: Nutrition Business Journal). Approved for use in both foods and supplements, organic SoyLife" can now aid manufacturers in their pursuit of USDA's organic seal by qualifying as an organic ingredient. 

In addition to SoyLife", Schouten USA offers FenuLife', a fenugreek ingredient used to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and an ideal body weight. FenuLife' is the highest concentrated source of galactomannan—a soluble fiber from the fenugreek plant, which unlike its namesake spice, is odorless and tasteless. Its unique ratio of galactose to mannose is 1:1; making it more efficient in the inhibition and absorption of glucose in the intestinal tract. True to its roots, Schouten USA is not only offering a new grade of FenuLife', but all FenuLife' products are available in the non-GMO form.

As well as SoyLife" and FenuLife', Schouten USA has also increased its combined offerings of nutraceutical ingredients as a result of its parent company's (The Royal Schouten Group N.V., Giessen, The Netherlands) acquisisition of Toronto-based Daminco.