General Mills subsidiary Old El Paso has introduced flavoured Stand 'N Stuff taco shells and Taco Toppers sauces in the US.

Taco Toppers sauces are available in Mild Taco and Zesty Ranch flavours, while Stand 'N Stuff taco shells, billed by the company as the first ever flavoured taco, will be sold in Salsa and Nacho flavours.

The Old El Paso taco shells come in a 5 oz box containing 10 shells at a suggested retail price of US$1.89, while Taco Toppers sauces will be sold in 13.4 oz and 12.8 oz bottles, retailing at $2.49.

"Our new nacho and salsa flavoured shells offer fun, tasty alternatives to plain corn shells," said Luis Sanchez of Old El Paso marketing.