Organic Alliance has appointed Christopher White as director, global supply chain development.

White will be responsible for expanding Organic Alliance's international network of organic and Fairtrade producers, contract negotiation, quality control screening, certification compliance, export/import logistics and overseeing Organic Alliance's producer development initiative.

According to Parker Booth, Organic Alliance's president and COO, White's appointment will not only help build the company's international grower alliance but also solidify its commitment to establishing a stable, year-round supply of organic and fair trade products.

"Our vision is to set up a win-win model for industry in which we not only create a dependable supply of organic products at reasonable pricing levels but we do it while improving the welfare of our growers and suppliers," said Booth.

White was most recently founder and president of Nexchange Organics, an organic commodity trading and supply development firm. Prior to that, he served as business development director at Fairtrasa International.