Orkla is launching its first vegetable pasta in Norway and adding to its range of pizzas as part of a range of new products to roll out into the market this autumn.

The company's new products for its domestic market also include Melky, which it said is the first milk-filled chocolate available in Norway made without using palm oil.

Fersk fresh pasta is made from dough with a 40% vegetable content. Orkla claimed it is the first such product to be available in Norway. The pasta is available in a variety of flavours, such as broccoli and peas, carrots and cauliflower. It is sold under Orkla's meals masterbrand Toro. Orkla already sells a similar product in Denmark under its Pastella brand.

"Fresh pasta is the fastest growing category of pasta and, since only 14% of the Norwegian population are eating enough vegetables, we are here taking advantage of a huge opportunity," an Orkla spokesperson told just-food.

Orkla is a major pizza manufacturer in Norway. It said the way the new Pizzabakeriet line also made the product a market-first.

"This is the only pizza in Norway using Tipo 0 grain, which makes the dough far more crisp and airy. In addition we are using squashed tomatoes only, unpasteurized mozzarella and chorizo and serrano. Pizzabakeriet is not Italian pizza; it is inspired by the best pizzas and ingredients from different countries. Italians are the best on pizza crust, and the reason is Tipo 0 grain," the spokesperson said.