European Parliament has made recommendations on CAP reform

European Parliament has made recommendations on CAP reform

The European Parliament has staked out a conservative political position in the oncoming debate over reforms to the EU's Common Agricultural Policy.

In a detailed resolution, the Parliament has called for the CAP to spend more money on European food producers, rather than less, and argued for additional funding to help the industry reduce its carbon emissions.

The Parliament has also called for the EU to toughen its geographical indication intellectual property protection for traditional food products made in Europe, and for the CAP to help promote their sale.

A parliament communiqué said: "Food quality policy is…crucial to improving…competitiveness… Geographical indications of origin need to be strengthened and enforced…using protection and promotion instruments."

On budgets, the resolution said CAP financing must be "at least maintained during the next financial period" (from 2013).

The Parliament also opposed returning control of agriculture policy to member states, saying direct payments to producers should be fully funded from the EU budget. The European Commission will release its reform proposals in the autumn.