Supermarket chain Paterson has become the first retailer to estimate the losses caused by Moscow's power cut on Wednesday and to announce its intention to sue, the Moscow Times reported today (Friday).

"We suffered losses exceeding $170,000 for spoiled goods and missed profits," said  Paterson general director Yury Yakovchik. "After we finalize the amount of damages and it is clear who is responsible for the breakdown, we are going to sue."

Seventeen of the chain's 23 supermarkets in Moscow had to be shut down because of the blackout. As a result, each of the stores suffered approximately $10,000 in losses, the company said.

A spokesman for the Perekryostok supermarket chain, which had to close 28 of 74 stores in Moscow and the Moscow region on Wednesday, said it was premature to cite any damage figures or to announce plans to sue, as it was unclear who was responsible for the blackout.