Wireless banking and prepaid telecom services operator PayStar Corporation has signed a joint marketing venture with Paybox Global Holdings, to launch the PayStar "PizzaFone" in the US.

A national pizza franchisee has been selected to beta test this wireless payment system in several restaurant locations.

Bruce Grogg, senior VP, PayStar financial services, explained: "The PayStar PizzaFone uses standard cell phone technology to allow customers to make cashless transactions and purchases. This is significant because cell phone technology is something that everyone, both merchant and customer, already knows how to use."

Paybox is the world's first mass-marketable wireless payment method for mobile telephones, which can be used for wireless point-of-sale processing (via cell phones) currently used in Europe and now the US.

Paybox allows mobile merchants like pizza delivery, to make deliveries to a customer's door and accept payment through the use of just the cell phone. The transaction is completed with the assistance of a short sequence of voice prompts and a predetermined Personal Identification Number. Merchants are guaranteed 100% of their payment via an automatic credit to their bank account and the customer receives their purchase without handing cash, check, or credit card to the delivery person.