Pepperidge Farm, part of Campbell Soup Company, has announced the introduction of its new Chocolate Dipped cookies, tapping into the trend for indulgent products.

"New Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Dipped cookies are perfect for anyone who is looking for the ultimate, indulgent reward," said Michael Simon, vice president and general manager of snacks. "By adding extraordinary, rich chocolate to the unique and distinctive cookies consumers already love, these new Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Dipped cookies provide a treat for chocolate lovers everywhere."

The new line of cookies comes in three varieties: Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Dipped Chessmen and Chocolate Dipped Soft Baked Dark Chocolate Brownie. The new cookies will be available in grocery stores in October.

Pepperidge Farm's products include Chocolate Chunk and Milano cookies, and Goldfish crackers. The company was acquired by Campbell Soup Company in 1961.