Bakery and frozen goods producer Pepperidge Farm has introduced a new line of soft, whole grain breads under the brand name Simply Delicious.

The range comprises three products: Soft Whole Grain White, Soft 100% Whole Wheat, and Soft Honey Wheat. All the breads are smooth-textured, and are made with whole grains, calcium, vitamin D and folic acid, says Pepperidge Farm, which is part of the US food combine Campbell Soup Company.

"Simply Delicious breads have the nutritional benefits mums are looking for with the great taste and smooth texture kids will love, and the whole family can enjoy," said Peter Reidie, the company's general manager for meals and accompaniments. "The Whole Grain White variety looks and tastes like white bread, which kids want, and offer an easy way to incorporate whole grains into the family diet without sacrificing taste."

All three varieties of Simply Delicious breads come in an 18-slice, 20-ounce loaf, with a suggested retail price of US$2.59. They contain no trans fat, bleached flour or artificial colours or flavours. The slices are a little smaller for kids' smaller hands, making them easier to handle and the perfect size for lunchboxes, Pepperidge Farm added.