Yoplait Dairy Crest (YDC) has added Vitamin D to flagship children's brand Petits Filous.

The UK-based company will spend GBP2.5m (US$4.9m) on a TV campaign this summer promoting the move.

YDC, a venture between France's Yoplait and the UK's Dairy Crest, said the addition of Vitamin D is part of an overall GBP5m investment in Petits Filous over the next 12 months.

Brand manger Gemma Baggaley said she was confident the new formula would be "a big hit" with mums. She said the many consumers are unaware of how Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium.

Baggaley said: "A child's calcium requirements are two to four times that of an adult, and by adding Vitamin D, we have made Petits Filous even more effective at helping their bones grow stronger."

Yoplait and Dairy Crest formed YDC in 1991. The venture enjoys annual turnover of GBP171m and is one of the UK's largest suppliers of chilled yogurt and desserts.