UK discount retailer Poundland has added around 100 products to its grocery stable.

The range, which adds to 252 existing lines, includes Del Monte fruit juices, Whitworths brown sugar, Kellogg's Cornflakes and Heinz soup.

Each product is priced at GBP1 (US$1.60) and the retailer is offering a number of multi-offers at prices such as two for GBP1, three for GBP2, four for GBP3.

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Poundland launches over 100 new grocery lines

Europe's biggest single price discount retailer, Poundland, has launched over 100 new grocery lines, to expand on its 252 lines already in the range, to help families stock up and save on even more top brand weekly essentials.

The new range includes essentials such a Libby's and Del Monte fruit juices, Whitworths brown sugar and UHT milk which will add to the existing range of tea, coffee, fresh milk and sugar. As well as store cupboard essentials like cooking sauces, pasta, cereal bars and soups, the range sees the introduction of home baking and sweet treats too.
Each product is priced at just £1, as well as a number of multi-offers offers available at competitive prices such as 2 for £1, 3 for £2, 4 for £3, all offering customers amazing value.
New big brand lines include:

Weekly essentials
Kellogg's Cornflakes (250g) - £1
Nescafe cappuccino instant drink (8pk) - £1
Heinz tomato soup (800g) -£1
Lloyd Grossman sauces (350g) - 3 for £2
Tilda Rice (250g) - 3 for £2
Princes canned tomatoes (400g) - 3 for £1
Ritz crackers (200g) - £1

Home baking
Mcdougalls self raising flour (1kg) - £1
Hovis white bread mix (495g) - £1
Carnation milk - 2 for £1
Nestle Smartie cookie mix (200g) - £1

Sweet treats
McVities Digestives (500g) - £1
Princes Pears (420g)- 3 cans for £2
Richard Lancaster, Trading Director at Poundland, comments: "Grocery is a growth category for Poundland and customers actively come into our stores looking for top brand everyday essentials at amazing value prices. Initial performance clearly indicates that our customers love the variety and breadth of the range. We will continue to listen to our customers to ensure we're always improving our offering to meet their needs."
Poundland's new grocery lines are available in stores across the UK from today.


Original source: Poundland