Premier Foods plc has launched a range of part-baked Hovis loaves and bread rolls.

The UK manufacturer said today (20 June) that the range will include a white bloomer, a granary bloomer, a pack of four white rolls and a pack of four granary rolls.

Premier, the UK's largest food maker, said the launch was "set to capitalise on the massive potential that the currently untapped part- bake market has to offer".

The company said it was "certain" its part-bake offering would revitalise a "static" part of the market and create a "significant sales opportunity". Over 60% of households do not buy part-bake "largely due to a lack of awareness", Premier said. Current consumers, it added, only buy part-bake products six times a year.

"As the first major bread brand to step into the market we believe we can double the value of this sector by meeting consumer demand through our new range," said Hovis category controller Ian Harris.

"Unlike plant bread, the GBP67m (US$108.6m) ambient part-bake market is often bought as an incremental purchase. By simply getting current buyers to buy it once a month versus once every two months, we'd be adding GBP67m to the sector."

Premier said the part-baked loaves and rolls will have different shapes. The bloomer is "more substantial" than a baguette, while its square rolls are "seen as more premium", the company explained.

The range is set to launch on 5 September and have an RRP of GBP1.59-1.69 a pack.