Premier Foods plc has decided to relaunch its McDougalls home-baking range in the UK - and introduce a set of Cadbury-branded mixes.

Describing the UK home-baking market as "hot", Premier said it would three lines to its McDougalls "speciality flour" range - Whole Gold, OO Grade Plain and Supreme Sponge Flour.

The UK's largest food group has also moved to launch the country's first "savoury crumble products" with two lines - Mozzarella, Basil & Black Pepper and Oaty Cheese & Chive.

"With the current growth of home baking and its seasonal relevance, this is an ideal time to relaunch our well established range," said Mary Young, Premier's commercial controller for home baking.

The company has opted to change the packaging for the McDougalls brand, as well as add recipe ideas to the packs.

Meanwhile, Premier, which holds a licence for Cadbury-branded products, said it wanted to "revitalise" its baking mixes range under the renowned chocolate trademark.

The range will consist of four new variants: Choccy Road, Triple Chocolate Brownies, Heavenly Chocolate Cake and Dairy Milk Buttons Tray Bake.