The development of probiotic food products continues to drive NPD in the industry, according to research analysts Datamonitor.

In its latest round-up of product launches, Datamonitor said the "increasing appeal" of probiotics rumbles on, even with the introduction of a line of savoury snacks containing the active cultures.

In the US, snack firm Robert's American Gourmet has launched Smart Puffs, what it claims to be the first puffed snack food to contain probiotics.

Elsewhere, US dairy firm Oregon Ice Cream has launched a frozen yogurt containing probiotics and prebiotics, Datamonitor said. Julie's Organic Lowfat Frozen Yogurt contains prebiotic fibre and six active probiotic yogurt cultures.

The analysts also pointed to "a new direction for food flavourings" and the rise of floral flavours.

In the US, speciality food firm Avenue Gourmet has launched an elderflower vinegar, while, in Italy, dairy giant Muller has launched a range of flower-flavoured yogurts, including pear and lotus flower.