Taste and flavour specialist Quest has developed chewing gum flavours that extend and control flavour release, allowing one or more quick flavour bursts alongside prolonged flavour delivery.  


Launched globally this month, the Qpearl Release flavour range opens new possibilities to gum manufacturers, Quest said.


Qpearl flavour's delivery technology is based on Quest's patented encapsulation system, which was first applied to powdered beverages and teas. It is built on a flavour-encapsulating matrix that blocks de-stabilising oxygen molecules from entering and prevents flavour from fading.


Commenting on the new development, Fabio Campanile, R&D head for Flavour Delivery Technology at Quest, said: "Within our research programme, we have developed ways to precisely control the timing of flavour release upon different release triggers typically encountered during chewing gum consumption, by changing the material properties of the flavour encapsulating matrix. This technology is patented and unique to Quest.


"The result is not only highly stable flavours, that avoid flavour degradation for more than two years, but also highly controllable flavour release, ranging from 10 to 200 seconds of chewing, a characteristic unique to Qpearl Release flavours."